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Volunteer Opportunities

How to Get Involved

CKCS Opportunities

As a parent and volunteer-led educational facility, CKCS is only able to meet a variety of goals and succeed with our objectives if we get parents to volunteer their time to help. Please seriously consider becoming involved as a CKCS volunteer.

As a general rule, each parent is encouraged to provide a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work each school year.  We count on your participation in order for CKCS to be successful and to help our children succeed.

Click the banner below to volunteer for the many events that PRT supports each year!

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Contact PRT at if you are interested in volunteering or becoming an event coordinator. 

CKCS/Badger Ridge Middle School Booster Club

Want to help your child's school?  The Badger Ridge & Core Knowledge Middle School Booster Club is a parent-teacher group that helps support Student Council, scholarships for school fees and field trips, supplies for extracurricular, and teacher grant requests through fundraising efforts.  Please contact us at

Volunteering Myths & Facts