8th Grade Important Dates

8th Grade Students, Mark Your Calendars!
Posted on 02/02/2017
8th Grade Info

Eighth Grade Farewell Dance – June 2:
This dance is just for BRMS & CKMS eighth graders and will be held from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in our commons.  Students are encouraged to dress-up for this event, but not in a formal style.  We will relax the dress code rule regarding spaghetti straps.  Spaghetti straps will be allowed.  Dress length must be below the fingertips when arms are relaxed at their side and the dress must have two straps.  Parents are invited to attend this dance.

Eighth Grade Class Trip – June 6:
All BRMS & CKMS eighth grade students will attend a class trip to Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells.  The entire class will leave BRMS at 8:30 a.m. and return by 3:33 p.m.  This is a mandatory school day so all students are required to attend.  All house teachers will be supervising this end of year celebration. 

Middle School Promotion Assembly – June 7 @ 10:30 (last day of school for Eighth Graders):
This program is expected to last no more than one and one-half hours and is intended to be a celebration of your child’s middle school years.  Because of seating limitations, we ask that only members of your child’s immediate family attend the ceremony.  Students are encouraged to dress-up but not in formal style.  We discourage dresses that are floor length.  Tops or dresses that are halter, off the shoulder or strapless, are inappropriate. Eveningwear is also inappropriate.  Tops and dresses should have two one-inch straps.  Limousines are not permitted for this event.